With our steam distillery, discontinuous system, we can yield an extremely elegant and refined Grappa. Moreover our pressed grape skins (from which Grappa is made) are stored in a controlled environment, and in so doing the grape skins ferment creating a small amount of alcohol and in this way we are able to develop only the best flavours and tastes. Our gins are made with our two 100-litre size copper stills manufactured in 1947, which distill our botanicals in bain marie system


Our ageing room was designed and developed by Beniamino in 1964. It is unique and unusual in the whole Veneto region because of its microclimate and humidity. In fact, thanks to the saturation of the air there is much less “angel share” and this is very important because if the evaporation is over 3% of the total amount of alcohol stored, we must pay duty tax on the angel share. Inside our ageing room there are Barriques, Tonneaux, and Barrels of over 40.000 litres. In the 1960’s the latter were manufactured and built inside the ageing room and are made from French and Slavonian oak.


As a family and as a company we want to contribute to the preservation of our wonderful environment and land through the sustainability of our production processes. We are committed to ensure processes with low environmental impact as sustainable and as efficient as possible. We use the solar energy produced by our photovoltaic panels, and the pomace, once distilled, is used for the production of energy from biomass thus closing the life cycle of the grapes. From the pressed grapes we obtain the must, which then becomes wine, and the skins, which are used for the distillation of grappa. Finally, the so-called exhausted marc is burned for energy production. Our stills, with which we produce our gins, although produced in 1947, have low CO2 emission burners. Our vineyards are cultivated in such a way as to keep everything as natural as possible, minimizing most of the treatments for example by the use of recovery sprayer.
We collect and use rainwater for irrigation and treatments in our vineyards, and when necessary we use the artesian source which is 180 meters below ground level. The same source is used for the dilution of our spirits, and this is another reason for a conscious management of our agricultural land. We do not use any HERBICIDES at all.