Grappa Lusso Riserva 18 mesi
2082 – Grappa Lusso Riserva
Grappa di vinaccia MASCHIO PIETRO
0438 – Grappa di Vinaccia Maschio Pietro
Grappa Lusso Pure Gocce di Amarone

Grappa Lusso Pure Gocce di Amarone

A prestigious white grappa made from the pomace of Valpollicella grapes which undergo vinification in spring and then are small batch distilled in little copper kettles, the bottling takes place after 6 months of maturation in stainless steel tanks.
Splendidly aromatic on the nose. Smooth, well-rounded and pleasant in the mouth, with a lingering finish.
A sipping grappa that can be erved at room temperatu re or cooler, 10-16° C.

Data Sheet

Proof: 40°
Size: 0,50 l