Grappa di vinaccia MASCHIO PIETRO
0438 – Grappa di Vinaccia Maschio Pietro
2850 Grappa di Pinot Chardonnay
2850 – Grappa Pinot Chardonnay
2867 - grappa di prosecco

Grappa di Prosecco

An aged grappa obtained by means of the distillation of selected pressed grapes of Glera ( coming for Prosecco appellation area) and then left to rest for at least 12 months in French barriques in the Beniamino Maschio ageing room later to be filtered and bottled. Its colour is amber yellow and its fragrance is intense and aromatic, typical of grappa kept in wood with its strong structure and elegant persistance.
Perfect for tasting at room temperature with a bit of dark chocolate.

Scheda tecnica

Proof: 40°
Size: 0,70/0,75 l.