4751 – Amaro del Cansiglio
Prosecco DOC
5280 – Prosecco DOC Treviso ExtraDry

Tasting notes

Crystal-clear, pale green with a fine, persistent effervescence.
Intense, complex and fruity on the nose, with clear notes of golden apples on a floral base. Dry, crisp and light in the mouth. Smooth and well balanced, with good aromatic length and a pleasantly fruity finish.

Geographic area: Conegliano and Valdobbiadene
Vinification:fermented off the skins at a controlled temperature of 20°C.

Slow secondary fermentation on the lees in large sealed tanks at 12–14°C for around 2 months produces the effervescence. Pressure in the bottle is 5.5 atm.

Serving recommendations: est served at a temperature of 5-7°C, pouring immediately after removing the cork.
Recommended with: great as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to all dishes.

Data Sheet

Residual sugar: 10.0 g/l.
Proof: 11.50% vol.