Prosecco DOC
5280 – Prosecco DOC Treviso ExtraDry
5282 – Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG ExtraDry 7Ombre
Prosecco DOCG

Prosecco De Bernard Extra Dry DOCG

Geographic area: Conegliano and Valdobbiadene
Grapes: Glera, with small quantities of Verdiso and Perera
Harvesting period: late September to mid-October
Method: fermented off the skins at a controlled temperature of 20°C. Secondary fermentation on the lees in large sealed tanks at 12-14°C for around 3 months produces the effervescence. Pressure in the bottle is 5.5 atm.
Tasting notes: very clear, pale straw-yellow tending to green, with a fine and persistent fizz.
The aroma is intense, persistent and fruity, exceptionally refined, with dominant notes of ripe golden apples and acacia blossom.
This medium sweet, fresh wine is pleasantly light and low in alcohol. It is also very soft and balanced with a long fruity finish.
Serving recommendations: best served at a temperature of 5-7°C, pouring immediately after removing the cork.
Recommended with: excellent as an aperitif. Goes well with light, fish-based dishes.

Data Sheet

Residual sugar: 15.0 g/l.
Proof: 11.50 g/l.